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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Million Mile Month (MMM)?

Million Mile Month™ challenges individuals, and groups of any kind to join together as a global community to complete one million miles of physical activity during the month of April, and to engage in a huge cause: their health.

It’s not just for athletes, it’s for everyone, and it’s not just running, it’s moving: walking, running, cycling, and yoga. Complete your miles, log your miles on the MMM website, and reach the million mile mark. There are prizes (bikes, fitness trackers, gift cards)! There are bragging rights! There is improved health! It’s fun! It’s outdoors! What’s not to love?

When is the MMM Challenge?

The Million Mile Month challenge runs from April 1-April 30 every year. REGISTER NOW. If you have participated in an event on the Million Mile Month website in the past, use your existing login information (email and password) to register for the event.

Where is the MMM Challenge?

Anywhere! Walk around the block, run on a treadmill, ride with a cycling team, do yoga during your lunch break. All your miles count.

How do I register for the MMM Challenge?

Registration is quick and easy. You can register by clicking here. If you’ve participated in the past, use your existing login information (email and password) to register again.

Can I promote MMM to my employees to encourage Corporate Wellness?

Absolutely! In fact, more than half of the MMM Community participates through their company or organization. We have made it quick and easy for you as a wellness leader to implement MMM across your organization. Plus we provide you with a data report on your employees’ participation (number of participants, miles completed, minutes logged, calories burned, projected health care cost savings for your company and more).

To sign your company up (IT'S FREE), fill out the form here (15 seconds)

MMM is structured to take the workload off of you and put it on us. We have an easy to follow Implementation Guide that will walk you through the simple steps to engage your employees in this fun challenge. It is much easier than you think. in fact, most HR and wellness leaders tell us it is the easiest program they have ever implemented, with the most participation and least hassle and issues. We provide email templates, marketing assets, detailed reports and one-on-one support.

We also provide other great corporate wellness options like custom on-site events at your company, MMM FitCamp, discounted bulk registrations, guest speakers and more. Contact us at contact@millionmilemonth.org for more information on these options.

How do you win prizes?

As the MMM Community reaches certain milestones on the way to 1 million (25k, 100k, 500k miles) we award prizes. Everyone has an equal chance to win, whether you log 10 miles a week or 10 miles a day!

Who does MMM benefit?

MMM has a two-fold benefit. First, of course, is greater health and wellness for participating individuals. In addition, Million Mile Month is provided by HealthCode, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. HealthCode's mission is to empower people to live healthier lives, free from preventable diseases that are caused by inactivity, poor nutrition and harmful environmental factors. They include heart disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer. Learn more

Is my Registration Fee Tax Deductible?

Yes, your tax-deductible amount will be reflected in the receipt emailed to you after your registration is complete. Please consider submitting your donation for a match through your employer if they offer that option. Our nonprofit name is HealthCode and our EIN number is: 27-1310367

When will I receive my tax-deductible receipt?

When you complete the registration process, you will receive a receipt via email which includes the information you need for your tax records.

How can I get more involved?

Million Mile Month is provided by the nonprofit charity organization HealthCode. We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers and support. Just a few of the many opportunities available for volunteers are:

  • Registration Swag Bag Fulfillment
  • Web Development
  • Corporate Wellness Advisors (HR/Benefits/Wellness)
  • Trainers/Fitness Professionals for various opportunities
  • Mobile App Development
  • Kickoff Event Support (multiple needs)
  • MMM Young Business Team membership
  • Street Team/Company Evangelist
  • Video Production and Photography
  • Grant Writing
  • College/Pro Athlete and Celebrity (endorsement, content, participation)
  • And more…

To get more involved, volunteer or just find out how you can join our team, email us at: contact@millionmilemonth.org

Can I host a MMM event?

Of course! Our motto is, "the more the merrier." Get your co-workers, your church group, your neighborhood, and/or your friends together and host MMM get-togethers with the goal of getting active and achieving miles together. This is a perfect chance to meet new people and explore the endless amounts of hike and bike trails, parks, and all the great outdoor/indoor activity spaces in your area. Email us at contact@millionmilemonth.org to set up your company, organization, or team.

If I’m already participating in a race, office fitness program, other health challenge, etc. can I count those miles?

Yes. No matter when, where or how you complete your miles…we just want you to be inspired to get active! Whether you are walking to school, biking to work, running at the gym or participating in a race or walkathon…log those miles on the MMM website during April to win prizes and help the community reach one million miles.

Are there age restrictions on who can participate?

We want EVERYONE to participate, and have fun doing it. Grab the kids, your grandma, and your dog, and get outside. Right now we can only log human miles, but believe me, your pooch will love the extra outdoor time with his/her favorite human. Participants age under 13 are required to have parent permission to use the website.